Great Shelford Library opening times – Winter/Spring 2021

Great Shelford Library is currently open for the collection of reserved items and pre-booked computer use from 10am-2pm on Tuesdays and 2pm-6pm on Fridays.
Reservations are free of charge until further notice and you can place them online at  by ringing 0345 045 5225.
If you have computer access, why not visit Library Live and explore a new way of getting information and ideas? Library.Live was launched recently by Cambridgeshire Libraries in partnership with Civic (a social enterprise).
You can access this new service at: and:
  • ask a question about anything you choose, big or small. All questions are answered personally by a member of library staff;
  • find an introduction to a wide variety of different topics, from gardening to managing anxiety;
  • look at lists of exciting events, both local and national.
Don’t forget the new Select and Collect service, where staff can select books for you based on your reading.
24th January 2021